Tweet Geolocations: $TSLA

I have been paying around with the R package twitteR.  It is an R interface to the Twitter web API.  I used it to search for the 1000 latest tweets containing $TSLA (Tesla's stock ticker).  I then removed tweets from outside North America, geolocated them, and plotted them on a map.  The map is below.

As we would expect, most tweets are from urban areas -- particularly from Washington D.C to Boston, Florida, and California.  Surprisingly there is only one tweet from Seattle, but quite a few from Atlanta.  Also, there are many more tweets from the southern states compared to the upper midwest.

When I get a chance (hopefully soon), I'll post the code/packages I used to create the map.



EIAdata R Package

My EIAdata R package is now available on CRAN.  This means you can install the package with a simple, install.packages("EIAdata") from within R.

A development version of the package is available on GitHub.  This package gives you programmatic access, from within R, to over a million energy related time series available through the Energy Information Administration's API.