Tweet Geolocations: $TSLA

I have been paying around with the R package twitteR.  It is an R interface to the Twitter web API.  I used it to search for the 1000 latest tweets containing $TSLA (Tesla's stock ticker).  I then removed tweets from outside North America, geolocated them, and plotted them on a map.  The map is below.

As we would expect, most tweets are from urban areas -- particularly from Washington D.C to Boston, Florida, and California.  Surprisingly there is only one tweet from Seattle, but quite a few from Atlanta.  Also, there are many more tweets from the southern states compared to the upper midwest.

When I get a chance (hopefully soon), I'll post the code/packages I used to create the map.



LNG: One Amazing Chart


The chart is the stock price of Cheniere Energy Inc (ticker: LNG) which partially owns and operates the Sabine Pass LNG terminal in Louisiana, and the Creole Trail Pipeline to this terminal.  They recently entered into a 20 year agreement to sell LNG to Iberdrola in Spain.

Baker Hughes (BHI) to Disclose All Chemical it Uses in Fracking

See here for the original Bloomberg article and Baker Hughes' disclosure policy here. I think this is a good move by Baker Hughes -- the economic benefit from nondisclosure is probably less than the costs it incurres.

Further, I think this gives Baker Hughes an advantage over its larger rivals (Schlumberger and Halliburton) as natural gas drilling activity is poised to pick up. Baker Hughes stock price over the last 5 years is below (it pays a $0.68 per year dividend also).